Transforming lives
   The Youth Awareness Mentoring Program (Y.A.P)

Our Children have so much to offer to the world- we believe in the power that they hold.  I know that they will mold future generations to come. At the IBELIEVENU FOUNDATION, we are here to give the support they need to shape the leaders of the future. The Youth Awareness( Mentoring) Program, includes a number of  programs and leadership initiatives that help nurture our youth and help develop the skills they will carry throughout their lives. Donate today, and see how you can help make an impact. An analysis found that youth in mentoring relationships present with better attitudes and behaviors at school, fewer instances of drug and alcohol use, improved relationships with their parents, and fewer absences from school than their counterparts who were not mentored. A 2011 meta-analysis of 73 mentoring program evaluations conducted between 1999 and 2010 found a host of positive outcomes for mentored youth, including benefits with regard to youth’s attitudes, motivation, social/relational skills, academic outcomes, and physical health (DuBois, et al., 2011). The results of this analysis indicated that across these domains, mentoring both prevents negative outcomes and promotes positive ones.  /donate

We're on a journey to raise leaders/inspiring-tommorow-s-leaders and build a bright future for our young men. We're looking for individuals male or females who have a strong passion to help our  future generation.  The mentor characteristics to consider in recruitment • Culturally competent/humble • Skills in providing effective feedback • Time availability • Geographic proximity • Experience in a teaching or advocacy role is helpful/ training is provided • Social justice mindset • Feelings of care for their community • Life experiences relevant too.

The Youth Awareness Mentoring Program helps to empower youth in our community to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their potential. The mentoring program uses adult volunteers to commit to supporting, guiding, and being a friend to a young person for a period of at least one year. By becoming part of the social network of adults and community members who care about the youth, the mentor can help youth develop and reach positive academic, career, and personal goals.

 Mentor Role

Takes the lead in supporting a young person through an ongoing, one-to-one relationship
Serve as a positive role model and friend
Build the relationship by planning and participating in activities together
Strive for mutual respect
Build self-esteem and motivation
Help set goals and work toward accomplishing them
Time Commitment
Make a one-year commitment
Spend a minimum of 4 hours per month one-to-one with a mentee
Communicate with the mentee weekly
Attend an initial two-hour training session and additional two-hour training sessions twice during each year of participation in the program
Attend optional mentor/mentee group events, mentor support groups, and program recognition events
Participation Requirements
Be at least 21 years old
Reside in Cleveland/Akron area
Be interested in working with young people
Be willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures
Be willing to complete the application and screening process
Be dependable and consistent in meeting the time commitments
Attend mentor training sessions as prescribed
Be willing to communicate regularly with program staff, submit activity information, and take constructive feedback regarding mentoring activities
Have access to an automobile, auto insurance, and a good driving record
Have a clean criminal history*10yrs
No use of illicit drugs
No use of alcohol or controlled substances in an inappropriate manner
Not currently in treatment for substance abuse and have a non-addictive period of at least five years
Not currently in treatment for a mental disorder or hospitalized for such in the past three years

We are paving the way to make a brighter future. We're looking for individuals that have a strong passion for our youth and believe in our vision/mission. We are looking for strong leaders. If you are  interested, please send an email too: include in the subject field (Y.A.P).
This opportunity does include Background check/screening for/ abuse, neglect, sex offenders.
Training offered. Interview/interviewing.

Personal fulfillment through contribution to the community and individuals
Satisfaction in helping someone mature, progress, and achieve goals
Training sessions and group activities
Participation in a mentor support group
Mileage and expenses are tax deductible
Personal ongoing support, supervision to help the match succeed
Mentee/mentor group activities, complimentary tickets to community events, participant recognition events